In the medical, it eventually understand the true thoughts for every single almost every other and you may go into to the a romance (The fresh new Princess Dowry)

In the medical, it eventually understand the true thoughts for every single almost every other and you may go into to the a romance (The fresh new Princess Dowry)

Despite this lady thoughts, she informs your that they can not be along with her because of the prenup additionally the dowry (Crazy Cupid Like)

In the finale Not the right So long, a newly involved Blair actually leaves to spend summer time for the Monaco with Louis. Ahead of she happens, she says to Dan you to definitely she duplicated his Netflix queue and their motion picture discourse initiate the second Tuesday. Eric observes the fresh chemistry making among them, but states nothing.

12 months Four [ ]

For the Yes, Upcoming No, Blair visits Dan when she’s thinking about leaving Louis however, will get angry whenever she finds out not just are Dan gonna let her get off what you without inquiries, however, he understood Louis was protecting her. During the Charm and the Banquet, Dan ‘s the basic individual Blair tells on the her maternity voluntarily. She would go to look for your one to nights, and you can acknowledges she isn’t really sure if Louis otherwise Chuck is the dad, and Dan intends to be there on her behalf no matter what goes. Sooner into coaxing out of Dan and you can Dorota, Blair chooses to capture an excellent DNA attempt to find out exactly who the father is. But once she gets the overall performance, she determines not to ever search. After Dorota discovers, she phone calls Dan, whom seeks that which you and work out Blair research. Ultimately the guy physically puts them inside her hand and you may prompts their to appear, if not to have herself, to the kid, and you will she do (The latest Treasure from Denial). Shortly after Dan’s guide In to the is released, Louis checks out brand new parts that have Blair and you may sees one to Dan wrote in the having sexual intercourse together with her. Distressed, the guy cancels food having Blair as well as their mothers and you can lies one to his mommy was put-off. Blair knows it had been Dan’s guide, and you can she also discovers what he composed. She faces your in the their book discharge team, proclaiming that what he composed may end this lady wedding. The guy apologizes, and you may she makes up about with Louis afterwards (Memoirs away from a wireless Dan). Appropriate, Blair determines not to ask Dan or Chuck so you can the woman matrimony bath. Disturb during the being left away, Dan will get inebriated and you may shows up anyhow, prepared to tell you their correct thoughts to help you Blair. Chuck goes toward score your and prevent your out of destroying Blair’s evening, but she becomes upset which he crashed the event. After, Serena demonstrates to you to help you Blair you to definitely Chuck is actually starting the lady a support by stopping Dan from destroying the newest group (All the Fairly Source). Shortly after she chooses to grab a break from Louis, Blair would go to stick with Dan to cease this new paparazzi. She takes into account leaving Louis to own Chuck, but becomes devastated whenever Chuck informs the lady to keep having your. Dan, viewing just how heartbroken Blair try, chooses to promote her or him together covertly to help you in the long run end up being together with her. Once it’s complete, he informs Serena that he would tell the lady exactly how the guy considered, but knew helping the girl end up being with Chuck is actually the best matter accomplish (Operating in town Cars That have Men).

Shortly after Blair recovers away from this lady crash and regarding shedding her kid, Dan aids the girl by helping her privately go to chapel and restore spiritually. not, Chuck and you may Louis believe she actually is which have an event with Dan and intend to aside him or her from the Nate’s The fresh Year’s Eve people. Immediately following Serena discovers the real truth about as to why Blair are avoiding Chuck, she lies that she is straight back which have Dan to save Blair out-of societal shame and you may losing Louis (The end of the brand new Fling?). Immediately after Dan leakage the brand new clips from Blair and you can Chuck confession (and you will blames Serena regarding) for the ceremony and you may Blair finds out Louis no longer likes the lady, she turns to help you Dan to assist her avoid the marriage (Grams.Grams.). The guy will bring the woman on airport to help the woman escape this new nation to get a splitting up, after which requires this lady so you can a hotel to go to towards second trip. Immediately following Blair ily’s future, Dan promises to be there on her behalf (The latest Copy Dan). Whenever Blair returns from her vacation, she decides to bring Dan and you will Serena back along with her for Valentine’s day Day. not, the woman plan backfires when Dan kisses their and she surprises by herself from the kissing right back. For the Get across Rhodes, Blair kisses Dan and you may Serena sadly witnesses.

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