How to switch characters in GTA 5

How to switch characters in GTA 5?

Are you a GTA player? and want the answer to How to switch characters in GTA 5? then give a read to this article. GTA 5 is one of the best adventure games in the world of video games; it was developed by Rockstar Games, which was well known for its amazing creations. In every new version of Rockstar GTA games, they always try to innovate the open-world genre with the GTA franchise. Every new version of GTA comes with more ambitious features. Now first time in the series GTA 5, you will have more than one character. The GTA 5 will challenge you to manage three different types of the protagonist at once. You can switch characters between the game, and this switching is completely free.

Mechanics and functions of switching characters:

For the first time in GTA 5, there are three characters; it was also necessary for the developer to also manage the functions of switching these characters. As you will not get the option of changing names in the main menu, you will receive interesting features and purposes.

Function for switching the character:

In GTA 5, while switching characters, you will get a variety of gameplay, and you will see the life of a different character from various sides. There are three other characters, so simply, it isn’t that easy to know about them during the general task. You have to face multiple tasks while switching characters, and these tasks are listed below:

  • When you switch character, your location will be immediately changed. You will find yourself in your home where you spent your free time.
  • You can change the gameplay by changing your lifestyle, including your car, active skills, passive skills, appearance, and many more.
  • Some missions are still locked; to unlock these missions, you have to switch with a specific character and perform a series of actions.
  • Each specific character is designed to perform a particular task, so you can switch characters to complete any special mission.
  • There are also many secondary characters to help you while solving missions.

How to switch character on PC and Xbox:

As this game is still not available for smartphones, you can only play GTA 5 on PC and Xbox. Switching characters on the keyboard may look difficult, but it isn’t, so to help you out how to switch character is given below:

switching character on PC

  • Select the character you want to switch.
  • Keep holding the left ALT key until the end of the operation.
  • At the lower right corner, a wheel will appear, now move the mouse as the character to select it.
  • Release the ALT key when you are done selecting.
  • When you open the character switching menu, your game will be paused, and after you release the ALT key, it will start again.

Switching character on Xbox

  • The procedure of switching characters on any PlayStation and Xbox is almost the same.
  • When you are in the open world, there will a button showing ON on your controller’s left cross. Keep it press and do not release it.
  • Your game will be paused, and a wheel will appear in the lower right corner.
  • Now uses the right side of your gamepad to select require character.
  • After selecting the right character, release the button you were holding, and your game will start again.


There are several video games known for their features. First time in the GTA 5 series, you will be getting the option of switching between three types of different characters. Every single character is known for their unique skills and is used for solving various missions. In using these characters, you should know what change will appear and even how to switch it. Everything you should know about switching characters is given above in the article.

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