How to become a CEO in GTA5 Online – GTA5 Wiki Guide and tips in 2021

Grand Theft Auto is featured with action and venturesome gaming adventures. Being enormously popular among the masses, GTA has become the most played video game ever in gaming history. It is also hailed as the Video Game of the Year. Every version of the GTA series has been sold like hotcakes since after its release. The sandbox game mainly includes multitasking and free-roaming. Risks are ahead when players deal with the state agencies, police, and their criminal rivals. Gamers will experience a luxuriant free world to play within. Moreover, the ultramodern geomancy and lavish constructions with high-definition graphics will create a realistic view of this virtual gaming world.

GTA is a mission-based video game in which the players strive to complete the assigned mission to raise their scores. Players can also earn money in GTA. The easiest way to get money in GTA is to become a CEO. Here are some guidelines provided about how to become a CEO in GTA. Have an eye on the given steps helpful for sure.

1.Register as a CEO

GTA gameplay won’t allow the players to become CEO waywardly. At first, they will register themselves in the arcade game. According to Rockstar North, the gamers must appeal to join in as CEO. Players ought to have a brilliant scoring board along with a huge sum of money to register themselves as CEO in GTA.

2.Purchase an Exuberant Property

To become a CEO, players must buy pristine and superlative estates such as an executive office, a luxury nightclub, and other elite landholdings. For this purpose, a reasonable amount of money is required. Below are some properties that are given with prices that the gamers can purchase to become a CEO or VIP in GTA.

● Maze Bank West costs about $ 1,000,000.

● Lombok West worth $ 3,100,000.

● Maze Bank Tower costs $ 4,000,000.

● Arcadius Business Centre worth $ 2,250,000.

3.Customization of Estates

Players may add exclusive features in GTA gameplay on their own. The CEO will explore a lot of new gaming adventures in the GTA virtual world. After purchasing an expensive domain, the CEO must add some important building tools like gun locker, lockbox, and safe deposit boxes, etc. customize the warehouse with amazing features provided within the game.

4. Some benefits of being a CEO

Once the CEO upgrades the warehouse, it will become easy for him/her to continue the gaming activities lavishly. Some beneficial merits that CEO can avail are discussed here.

● Bodyguards are provided for security purposes.

● Pristine vehicles and modern roadsters are supplied for traveling.

● Luxurious living inns are supplied to the CEO for


● The CEO might hire professional and experienced assistants who will work to complete the missions.

● Easy access to VIP services in gameplay even without no bank balance.


It is worth being a CEO in GTA. Enjoy the A1 gaming facilities as a CEO. It is easy to earn a huge sum of money for a CEO in an online video game. Cast a glance and know about how to be a CEO in GTA.


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