GTA 5 First Mission

What To Do In GTA 5 First Mission – Let’s Learn

GTA 5’s introduction mission has many twists and turns. To generalize, this GTA 5 first mission is a tutorial in basic GTA gameplay. As you progress, the quest becomes more complicated as you learn that something sinister is happening around Los Santos, but the first few minutes of this game have some familiar actions.

What Is GTA 5 First Mission

Grand Theft Auto 5’s first mission takes the player to Los Santos, the city in which the game is set. The objective is to rob a bank. The player must get into a bank van, drive it up to the front door, and then rob the bank. 

This simple objective can be completed in a number of ways, but there are some important tips that should be followed if the player wants to succeed.

The first step is to find a stolen car that will allow the player to avoid being seen by the police. The best option is a low-profile sports car, such as a Lotus Elise or Ford GT40. 

If this isn’t possible, then it is best to use a large vehicle with tinted windows so that no one will notice it while driving around town.

When locating the bank, make sure that it is in an affluent area of town so that there are plenty of people around to distract security while hijacking the van and robbing the bank. 

It is also important to approach from the back side of the building in order to avoid being seen by cameras inside or outside of the building.

How To Complete GTA 5 First Mission On Android

Assuming that you have installed the latest version of Grand Theft Auto V on your Android device, you can now begin playing the game. After downloading and installing the game from Google Play, open it and start playing.

If you’ve never played a Grand Theft Auto game before, the first mission is a good place to get started. The first mission is called “First Date.” 

You play Michael, a young man who’s just been released from prison. You’re meeting up with your old friend Franklin to help him rob a bank. But things go wrong and Michael ends up having to run away with the money. 

The first thing you’ll want to do after finishing the first mission is visit Earl [the car salesman in Los Santos]. He’ll give you some basic advice about how to play the game and points of interest around town. 

Next, head over to Santa Maria Beach and start exploring the area. There are many side missions waiting for you here – including work for Ken Rosenberg or hits for Jimmy De Santa. You can also find new cars and weapons if you look hard enough. 

Once you’ve had a chance to explore everything Los Santos has to offer, it’s time to head out into Blaine County. This is where most of the main storyline missions take place, so be prepared for a lot of action!

How Do You Take Cover On The First Mission In GTA 5?

Welcome to the GTA5 guide for newcomers! In this guide, we’ll be answering the question of how to take cover in the game’s first mission. 

When you start the game, make your way down to the pier and head east. You’ll come across a group of thugs trying to rob a store, so stop them and take down their leader. 

After dispatching them, go inside and take cover behind some boxes on the back left side of the store. Once everyone is settled, exit through the front door and continue east. 

There are three enemies waiting for you up ahead: two guys with assault rifles and a guy with a shotgun who’s hiding behind a car. 

Take down the riflemen first, then quickly kill the shotgunner before he has a chance to fire off any shots. Dispatch the last opponent with your firearms or fists, then loot their weapons if you want. 

Now that you’ve cleared out this area, it’s time to move on to mission two!

What Do You Do At The Beginning Of Gta 5?

Sitting in your safe confines waiting for the game to start up can be a bit daunting, especially if your last experience with Grand Theft Auto was way back on the PlayStation 2.

Luckily, as long as you’ve got Rockstar’s opening mission downloaded and ready to go, you’re good to go. This walkthrough will guide you through the basics of what needs to be done in order to get started.

First off, if you’re not already signed in with your online account, make sure you’re logged in before starting the mission. Once you’re ready, fire up GTA V and click on the “Play” button located at the bottom left corner of the main menu screen. 

From here, select the “Mission Selector” item and then choose “Rockstar Games Social Club”. If this is your very first time playing GTA V, it may take a minute or two for the game to load up all of its content. Once it does, things should start moving pretty quickly.

If you’re new to GTA games in general and want to just jump into this particular one right away without any preceding missions, feel free. Just make sure that you arrive at a point where Franklin can enter his car (by following Michael) so he can leave Ocean Beach; otherwise, everything else in this introductory mission will happen automatically for you based on your choices and actions throughout gameplay. 

There are three different types of interactions that are available during this opening segment: cinematics, interactive scenes, and cutscenes. Cinematics are sequences where you control the camera and see events unfold from different points of view. 

They can generally be skipped if you want, but they’re worth watching for a better understanding of the game’s mechanics. 

Interactive scenes take place within the game world itself, and as such you have some degree of control over what happens; for instance, you might be able to knock someone down or get them in trouble with the law. 

Cutscenes are essentially fully-fledged mini-games that have their own objectives and rewards, but can also be skipped if you don’t want to play them.

After the sequence has finished playing out and Franklin has headed off into the side of town, it’s time to start working on your character’s initial set of abilities. 

To do this, head to your safehouse (by selecting “My Safe House” from within the main menu) and open up your armory by clicking on its icon on the wall opposite your front door. Inside you’ll find a variety of weapons, tools, and other objects which you can choose to equip yourself with as you see fit. 

GTA 5 First Mission Franklin

GTA 5 First Mission

Grand Theft Auto V’s first mission finds the player controlling Franklin, a talented getaway driver, and associate of Michael, who has just been released from prison. Your task is to help Michael find a new place to live and start over while avoiding the attention of the police.

The opening moments of the mission see you escaping from the police in a stolen car, and it won’t be long until you encounter other players. 

Be careful not to get too close or engage in any fights; if the police spot you, they’ll likely pull over and arrest you on suspicion of grand theft auto. You can try to outrun them by driving at high speeds through crowded city streets, but this may not always work; the cops are experts at tracking down criminals.

A better option is to take advantage of Franklin’s skills as a driver. If you can keep your distance from the police and escape without getting caught, they won’t be able to touch you. 

Try to use bushes as cover when necessary and navigate carefully through busy streets; slow down for pedestrians if there are any around so that they don’t get injured. In order to avoid detection altogether, it might be best to rendezvous with Michael outside of town later on in the mission.

GTA 5 First Mission Skip

If you choose to skip the mission “The Ballad of Gay Tony” in Grand Theft Auto V, you can jump straight into the second mission, “Epicenter.” This is a good choice if you want to complete the game’s main story quickly. Alternatively, you can explore and rob various businesses and steal cars during the first mission. 

After completing “Epicenter,” you are given another choice: continue playing as Luis or switch to Michael. If you choose to keep playing as Luis, your next mission is “Reuniting the Family.” If you instead choose to play as Michael, your next mission is “Bad Blood.” 

Both missions are very similar and involve coming into conflict with rival gangs – this means that fists will soon be flying in both missions! Whichever path you decide to take after skipping “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” it’s important to make sure that your weapons are ready for battle; failure to equip yourself appropriately could mean death or injury at the hands of your opponents.


In brief, the GTA 5 first mission skip is pretty straightforward. Just make your way to the Ammu-Nation gun store, speak to Trevor and take the OSPC12 sniper rifle. From then on, the rest of the mission is relatively uneventful – just running around shooting bad guys.

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