In the world of gaming, every gamer of any age would be aware of the name of the world’s top popular game named “GTA or Grand Theft Auto.”

Rockstar North game developer company developed this game. You will find this game under the name of Rockstar games. The series of the GTA continuously added up with new arrivals having some additional features and locations.

Now the latest arrival is GTA 5. According to this game, three characters work as criminal partners in a state. The virtual state included in GTA 5 is an imitation of Southern California. The entire game story revolves around three criminal characters from different cities.


GTA 5 is the world’s most popular game. If you are a gamer and want to have GTA 5 download free apk either on your Android or PC, you do not need to worry about anything.

We provide a facility for downloading the latest GTA 5 Apk for free. It would be incredible to know about the GTA 5 apk plan. Now they introduced unique designs and accessible IOS and android gadgets. It runs smoothly on devices having 1Gb RAM even.

There is a huge number of fans following this game. Below a table of the necessary information about GTA 5 Apk is given:

App name GTA 5 Apk
Developer Vize apps
Size 1.3 m
Required android Four and above
Category Action game
IOS version Android 6
Last updated Two days ago,


A few common problems reported about GTA 5 since the last relaunch. Either its steam users or the PC users both faced these problems listed below:

  • Parental control needed

This game named “Grand Theft Auto” is a crime and violence-based action game. There involved nudity, drugs, and alcohol abuse too.

So, it must be under parental control, and kids should be kept away from it. Please keep all the above-discussed things in mind before introducing it to kids.

  • No official mobile version

It might be sad news for all the GTA’s eager fans that the GTA 5 version is also n9t mobile supported.

The gamers could play it on their PCs, Xbox and PS4. Rockstar has not introduced any mobile version of this popular game due to some technical limitations. We are here to meet your desire timely. We provide a mobile supported GTA 5 download apk free version.


There are a few amazing features of GTA 5 apk, which added recently to make it more interesting. Have a look at the list of features below:

  • Multiple play modes
  • Realistic adventure
  • Game Characters

Now the features of GTA 5 apk briefly elaborated below:

  • Game Characters

The characters participating in this game GTA 5 are three.

Micheal: The first one, named “Michael,” is a character having 40 years old age. She is the daughter of an Airhead and an unfaithful wife.

Franklin: the franklin is the young banger who is from Los Santos. Then,

Trevor: he is a Sociopath who sells drugs and murder rednecks. He is a bloodthirsty tendency.

Every character mentioned above has a unique set of skills like Shooting, driving, etc. each character has eight particular skills.

  • Multiple play modes

Under the single-player mode, a single-player gets the authority to control three main characters: Franklin, Micheal, and Trevor.

As there are multiple missions in the game and these three criminal characters’ stories interconnect with each other.

Some missions are complete by a single character, whereas the participation of two or more charters requires completing the task.

The stunning most feature of this GTA 5 apk that there can play more than one player simultaneously. They can switch characters between them for the sake of fun.

  • Realistic adventure

Other than the earlier sessions, the world is now more widespread and larger in the latest version of GTA 5. The countryside area, the fictional city of Los Santos, and others are added later to these game locations.

In the latest version, there are a lot of new places to be explored without hindrances. It will make you feel as you are playing in a real place.


There are many platforms which are offering free games of premium quality for free. Similarly, is the best site offering GTA 5 free download apk.

Many gamers have not tried the GTA 5 version yet due to the reasons that it paid. But now it’s the best offer for all of you to get it downloaded from the “download button” given below.

A few numbers of GTA games ported by the Rockstar games to meet the needs of mobile users. The ported games are:

  • GTA San Andreas
  • GTA 3
  • GTA vice city
  • GTA Chinatown
  • GTA liberty city stories



There in the latest version of GTA, GTA 5, you will experience new things. This version of GTA 5 has much better value than previous releases.

The gamers must thank Rockstar, who created a new world beyond their expectations.

For experiencing these new features, every gamer would like to have GTA for free download, as it will cost them nothing. Blow listed the latest vibes of GTA 5 would be a pleasant surprise for gamers. Have a look:

  1. Accessible unique locations
  2. Free-roaming during side missions
  3. Quick bike of the ride via Vespucci beach
  4. Long hiking trails
  5. Well-designed behaving patterns
  6. Visual differentiation


Like other gamers, if you search for the latest HD version of GTA 5 apk with all additional features, follow the guide given.

There are different device users. Some of them like to play games on their mobiles, whereas some prefer PC or laptops for playing their favorite games.

Thereby, we aim to provide ease to you all. If you want to download GTA 5 apk and install apk on your smartphone, then follow this easy three-step sequence:

Step 1: Download GTA 5 apk

Click on the download button given and download the apk file. If you download the file from a PC, then make sure to connect your device with the computer.

Step 2: Install GTA 5 apk

Now copy the downloaded file to your android mobile or tablet and open it. Then go to settings and click on the allow section for installation of GTA 5mobile.

Step 3: open the GTA 5 game

The icon of GTA 5 will be shown on your device right after completion of the installation. Open the game on your device and download its data files for staring it.


  1. Does GTA 5 work on android devices?

No, the player cannot install and play GTA 5 on their android devices because there is no Android version available for this game.

  1. How many GBs required for downloading GTA 5?

GTA 5 seems to be the bog game ever. So, it requires more space than other games. The download size of GTA 5 is 94 GBs. For excellent playing, make sure to have 100 GBs HDD size in your device.

  1. How a to get GTA 5 for free?

If you want to get GTA 5 for free, then Download epic gam store launcher and create an account on the official epic games site. You will find a section with the name “free Games” on their official site; you can get GTA 5.

  1. How long can I play GTA 5 for free?

Free playing access is given to every player who applied through the free gaming section through the official epic game site. After downloading GTA 5, you can play it for free for seven days only.

  1. How can I play GTA 5 on android?

Every gamer feels easy to play games on a portable device like their android devices. But the Rockstar games have not provided any android version of GTA 5. But players can play it on their android devices using the steam link.


After reviewing the full elaboration, we found that the world’s famous GTA 5 apk is the most courageous and fantastic game that one can play even for 24 hours.

Let’s use play this amazing game by downloaded GTA 5 apk from the link given. This would be an admiring adventure and experience for you as a player.

Follow the guide of how to’s and get this mobile running GTA 5 apk.


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