The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game authorization is appraised by many of the most victorious activity experience classifications and has traded in more than 280 million units, meanwhile. These states form GTA versions, the 4th lofty vend game series off ongoing.

In this manner, all things appraised, one could declare that through a collective design procedure, GTA’s whole development as an adventure game with most famed in the most recent decade has held out.

And those would be all GTA games released so far, being one of the most famed sanctions in gaming; this list is unlikely to prevent inflating anytime soon, though there is still no official verification of GTA IV.

However, viewing as Red Dead Redemption 2 has been released; Rock star possibilities will now be exiting to their most ideal charter.

In this article, we have poised all GTA versions in the series.

1- GTA-1997

GTA is an action experience game advanced by DMA depiction and brought out by BMG convertible for MS-DOS. Microsoft Windows in October 1997, version for the Sega Saturn and Nintendo were wheeled but never concluded. Moreover, this game was later recopied in December 1997 for the play station, which moved it into a mercantile achievement despite a varied evaluation from critics.

Located in San Francisco (New York) and Miami City, GTA Provides six action-loaded extents. Players can loot cars, hit walkers, and interrelate with the world worldwide in an enclosed position. It is filled with a straight bit while granting players to utter posts and gain points.

It has Exceptional wheels detectors or robbing banks. This game is the beginning of the infamous series over various gladdens and has Matchless and enchants tasks.

Key Features

  • The Player gets an opportunity to plan and execute robbing
  • Players can choose different approaches
  • Players can choose 14 arcade games
  • Auto invite in all session
  • A new radio station is added

2- GTA 2-1999

GTA 2 is an action experience game, progressed by DMA Style and produced by Rock star Games, for Microsoft Windows and the Play station in October 1999 and the Dreamcast and Game Boy color in 2000. It is an outcome of 1997s GTA and the second main segment.

The game gained various appraisals from critics, though the GBC version preceded the thrash. indeed, it was a humble commercial achievement.

Located in a town within three districts; populous, midtown, and commercial. Transfers the players to an approaching domain with three-filled instant and effort locations.

Play along with the variation of tasks while replying to phones, clipping, and serving wheels loot. Free to love the surroundings and traverse everything it has to provide. Interrelating with players, eliminating cops are eternal choices in this game.

Key Features

  • Discounted content
  • Benny’s original motorbikes
  • Stock vehicle wheels 
  • Double GTA and RP activates
  • Interesting game play

3- GTA III-2001

GTA 3 is a 2001 action experience game evolved by DMA style and produced by Rock star Games. It is the first major coming in GTA series since 1999s GTA 2.Catalina, and Claude pace grab their insanity controlled lives to New York after expending in San Francisco. Continual Culprit methods are their basic elements.

It conducts to a crush in the story as Catalina finish connecting Miguel and trimming binds with Claude before eliminating himThereby, Claude pursues his trip to healing, the game spins to a tale of revenge for those who desire to go back for this betrayal. The game gives players the enclosed site of tasks to redress and go back at Catalina for what she has ended.

Key Features

  • Modern vehicle pegassi esskey
  • Players can melee attack while seated on the bike
  • Enjoy the social club Emblem creator
  • Fast zoom option
  • Players can sell free vehicles

4- GTA Vice City-2002

GTA 4 is one of the well known GTA games, and being the best vending game in 2002, vice city heeds Tommy Vercetti after he has rescued from jail. The world is much unlike what it was 15 years ago. it’s time for tommy to go back to his culprit methods with the assist of sonny forelli.

It begins with a classic drug task before things go oblong, and he has left trying to make things correct. To obtain his money back, Tommy has to go through the heart of the vice city, and the way is fastened with risk.

Whether it is the gangsters, bikers, Kobes, or politicians, there is often someone seeking to obtain Tommy’s method as he struggles to obtain what he desires.

Players enjoy reaching a vast formation of attributes in this version comprising the capacity to jump onto two wheeled cars comprising motorcycles.

Speed around town concluding tasks while obtaining to make the most of these captivating vehicles. This game makes sure Tommy obtains to jump small planes and helicopters while jumping to various vice city sections for those who desire to caution into the sky.

Key Features

  • Special work vehicle mission
  • Players can change their character
  • CEO style organization outfits
  • Certain helmets and mask combinations
  • 340 items of clothing and outfits added

5- GTA San Andreas-2004

GTA 5 is a 2013 action experience game prospered by Rock star North and produced by Rock star Games. It is the initial basic entry in the GTA series since 2008s GTA 4. Located during the 1990s GTA, San Francisco is a matchless take at action, sensations, and crude emotions packs. 

Place in Carl Johnson’s hands, the player consumes time in San Francisco after moving back from liberty city. Being a previous gang member, Carl Johnson walks into packs of difficulties as he learns more about his past and everything that was conducted to his mother’s death.

As he manages the funeral, Carl realizes what he went wrong and how the police did not do their task. This game grabs players on a journey as Carl purposes to chasten the death and make things correct again.

Key Features

  • Special race series triggers
  • Aggregate position added to the race
  • Buy heist vehicles
  • A new parachute is added in 2000 special race
  • A new Race Livery option in the race section

 6- GTA IV-2008

GTA IV is a 2008 action experience game framed by Rock star North and produced by Rock star Games. It is the main arrival in the GTA series since 2004s GTA, San Francisco, place within the conventional liberty city based on New York City, the single player tale follows Eastern European war veteran Nikko Bellic and His ties to get away his past while under stress from unsurer and mob bosses.

As the VP of a biker clan named the lost motorcycle club, Johnny recognizes the features of being a culprit better than anyone else. While he expects the president to obtain better, the strong-hearted backer starts to manage himself as a leader.

Whether it is holding new tasks, placing standards, or directing on the Angles of death, there is often something to do in GTA IV. Begins with Johnny’s experience through liberty city and views how they screen together with Niko Bellic and his captivating storyline.

It’s a story that’s jam-packed with action and has a little bit of everything for those who want to go on an adventure.

Key Features

  • Tiny racers
  • Returning player content availability
  • Land Grab in San Andreas
  • Imponte Duke O’Death is available
  • Update to address handling

7- GTA V-2013

GTA V is a 2013 action-adventure game advanced by Rock star North and produced by Rock star Games. It is the principal arrival in the GTA series since 2008s GTA IV. Place in the pretty Los Santos, GTA V encloses an amazing cast of Franklin, Trevor, and Michael.

Players can comfortably knob through the various players to obtain a new outlook throughout their journey. Their personalities and actions give a new taste to each task granting players to view the ins and outs from different angles.

From complex stings to demanding functions, the task is to interlace each character and realize the character they have to play in earning points. Whether it is conducting in a follower of searching the correct vehicles to travel along with Los Santos, the chances are eternal in this charming placing.

Enjoy a strong place of tasks with robberies, fast vehicles, illegal actions, and more in this considerable version of GTA.

Key Features

  • Formation flying assist
  • Havok helicopter is available
  • New MC and style CEO is added
  • Players can find 500 items of clothing
  • Many useful changes have been added

8- GTA London 1969-1999

GTA London 1969 is a 1999 expansion pack for GTA’s action experience game evolved by Rock star Canada and produced by Rock star games. It was delivered for individual computers and the play station in April 1999.

Famed as the first task pack for GTA, this is a formal extension of the genuine version. Owning port Miami, New York, and Los Angeles behind, it is time to seek a new citified playground to delight in the shape of London.

Players obtain to joy a captivating place of graphics, tasks, and cars in England’s finest city’s Victorian smoothness. This extension pack proffers a vast muster of tasks while granting players to immerse themselves in the London experience with its fun-fixed backing.

Take the chance to rob people, seek speedy vehicles, and consume time to finish culprit’s projects in this amazing extension pack. Arranged crime has never been better than it is in this 1960s version of London.

Key Features

  • Many powerful weapons
  • Players can control personal aircraft
  • Damaged and fire rates increased
  • Ammo capacity is double for Heavy Sniper MK
  • Simplified Chinese language is added

9-GTA London 1961-1999

This is task pack# 2 GTA and needs the genuine version to function. In GTA London 1961, Players are moved into a pretty section of historic England with its matchless cars, crude slangs, and famed landmarks.

Players can delight a whirl GLaDOS, brand new English designed vehicles, and the capacity to focus over to Manchester for a death game. This extension pack is a pretty method to joy the spirits of GTA in a fresh placing.

Key Features

  • The weaponized vehicle is added
  • Creator prop limit has been increased
  • An insurance premium is available for weaponized vehicle
  • Kill yourself interaction menu
  • A checkpoint has been added

10- GTA IV the Lost and Damnd-2009

GTA IV, the Lost, and Damned are two episodic extension packs of the 2008 video gaming GTA IV, evolved by Rock star North and produced by Rock star games. Like the actual game, this extension pack is also placed in the same positioning as Liberty city but reaches an interesting protagonist.

Being part of a captivating biker gang, and start to value the little inclination to produce it all work. Whether it is engaging assistants, interrelating with other members, or finishing tasks, players obtain the immerse themselves in this captivating positioning.

For those who desire to consume a bit of spare time delighting Liberty city, it is often comfortable to jump over to the hideout and participate in mini-games such as pool, arm wrestling, and more.

The extension pack also proffers a capacity to transfer sufficient different methods and value the variations of using weapons such as a pool sign, automatic 9mm, explosive launcher, and a thrash shotgun.

Key Features

  • A new walking style is added
  • Audio track option
  • The forced weapon is renamed Team Force Weapon
  • Players can change their player action
  • Modern Air Defense system of Galaxy Super Yacht

11- GTA the Ballad of Gay Tony-2009

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony is the second of the two episodic Extension packs obtainable of the 2008 video game GTA IV, evolved by Rock star North and produced by Rock star Games. It is settled around a brand new character in the form of Luis Fernando Lopez.

Players obtain the play as a safeguard for famed drug lord Anthony gay tony prince in this version. This experience sets players in the heart of a Dominican drug circle while living a life full of fun.

Whether it is smooth sport vehicles, eternal riches, or bailer, it is painless than ever before to value everything that appears along with GTA. While finishing tasks as Luis Fernando Lopes, players can celebrate ventures such as dancing at a nightclub and going for a Golf round.

Key Features

  • Passive mode is activated using the weaponized vehicle
  • Updates are made in Go Ghosted option
  • Arena traps added to arena creator
  • Daily objectives have been updated
  • Players can use the laptop in the arena workshop

12- GTA Advance-2004  

GTA Advance is a 2004 action experience game evolved by Digital Eclipse and produced by Rock star games. It was released entirely for the game boy advance on October 26, 2004.

GTA advance starts with a pretty scene of Liberty city as the backers plan to exit peacefully.  Like most objects in liberty city, it is not comfortable to exit, and this final task becomes the starting of something bigger.

After viewing Vinney got killed, the police try to set it on you producing it unfeasible to walk through space. To prove your virtue, it is time to place Vinney’s murder and look for revenge.

Key Features

  • New player actions are added
  • Parachute bag flags for India and Pakistan
  • Los Santos Underground Radio is available in story mode
  • Now you can control drones on a PC
  • Photo mode added to the drone

13- GTA Liberty City Stories-2005

GTA Liberty City Stories is an action experience game evolved in cooperation between Rock star Leeds and Rock star North and produced by Rock star games. The ninth section in the GTA series was firstly released as a Play station Moveable absolute in October 2005.

Set in 1998, GTA Liberty City stories follows Toni Cipriani as he finishes a delightful list of tasks. Having to start in the trenches of a regional crowd, Toni Cipriani is time to show what he has all about and why he rates to rise the rankings.

Players obtain a chance to become a unit of the crowd, fight with other mafia families, and finish tasks throughout the city.

Key Features

  • Best stability and performance
  • Diamond casino and resort is added
  • New weapons have been added
  • 50 clothing items for male and female
  • Tattoos have been added

 14- GTA Vice City Stories-2006

GTA Vice City Stories is an action experience game evolved in cooperation between Rock star Leeds and Rock star North and produced by Rock star games. The tenth section in the GTA series was first released as a Play station moveable absolute in October 2006.

A few years before GTA Vice City, Vice Vance clasps the core phase as the protagonist in this unmixed creation. In 1984, Vice had consumed time in the army and was an honorable man with a loving family essential to him.

However, what was the life he had been honored of goes out of command after the worst decision. To live and extend, it is time for Vice to take things into his own hands while wandering through the streets of Vice City.

While he made an achieving state and rise into a strong integer, or will he die? Meeting with his brother Lance, it is time for the siblings to acquire Vice city in this charming creator.

Key Features

  • Trading places have been added
  • Every bullet counts
  • Hardest target
  • A superyacht life mission is added
  • Many vehicles are updated

15- GTA China Town Wars-2009

GTA Chinatown Wars is an action experience video game evolved by Rock star Leeds cooperating with Rock star North and produced by Rock star games. The game was delivered for the Nintendo Ds in March 2009, Play station Moveable in October 2009.

In GTA Chinatown Wars, the game fits in a pretty Liberty city as the trip of revenge starts. Huang Lee is the leading protagonist in this enjoyable version of articles with a blending personality. As a member of the trines, Huang Lee realizes how essential it is to do his task and identify his position.

All of this goes oblong after his father’s murder when Huang dispatch a sword to his uncle Kenny. Furthermore, After obtaining entrapped during the meeting, it was time for Huang to take revenge for the murder and take back the ritual sword that was valuable to his father.

Key Features

  • First, ever map expansion
  • Biggest heist adventure
  • A new nightclub has been added
  • Included many tactical weapons
  • New music and vehicles have been added

 Final Verdict

The collective design procedure is an elementary proposal. This collective design is commonly called rapid shaping. Once through customer research, you have realized a user requirement and have delivered ideas to address that challenge, you build up a design.

At that point, you test the design whether it addresses the issue in the most effective way. At that point, you take what you got from examining and alter the model. Following that, you build up another design and begin the proceeding once more until you are filled to have attained the perfect design for release to the market.