First of all, if you want to convert your simple text into bold discord text, then the process is very short and easy. For this, you just need to add two asterisks on both sides of your written text. For instance, you just need to follow this pattern **Discord Text** and your text will automatically convert into the bold discord text.
Secondly, if you are willing to convert your text into the italic discord text, then not a problem at all. For converting your simple text into Italian text, just put the signs of an asterisk and underscore symbol on both sides of your regular text. However, it is optional because you can use it any one time only at one time. For example, use the symbols as *Discord Text* or _Discord Text_. Well, this is the very simplest way that you can easily use for enjoying Italian discord text.
Thirdly, if you want to get bold italic text into your chats or you want to highlight some important words, then the whole writing process is here. In this manner, for writing bold italic text, just put three asterisks like *** on both sides of your regular text. You will see that, whenever you put the 3 asterisks on both sides of the text, it will automatically change into bold italic fonts. Here, just add asterisks in this sense, ***Discord Text***.
In case, if you are willing to underline your regular text, then you just need to add only two symbols of underscores on both sides of your text. To highlight it, but the signs as __Discord Text___ and it completes here. Here, you will surely see that the written text is highlighted and this type is helpful when you want to highlight any specific word.

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